New blog
Finally moved to a static world

I finally decided to move the blog to a different hosting, for various reasons. First, I was paying for a service I never found the time to use, I had lots of bandwidth and space, but no time to create contents. Second, I wanted to move the domain and mail hosting closer to home, to simplify management (too many sparse accounts).

In the end for my needs I figured I just needed something plain and simple, so I opted for a Github hosted Jekyll instance. Since I like minimalistic styles, I applied the Daktilo theme, that I plan to evolve in future.

This frees me up from the burden of keeping the software updated, managing users, backing up databases and so on. I got 2 hackings in the last 9 years, that’s enough. Sure I could just use a remotely hosted blog service, but I wanted to try something different this time.

I still have to convert the old articles to the new blog, probably I won’t do all of them, only very few meaningful ones (if there’s any).

Written by Marco Bonardo on 16 January 2016